Welcome to PinnacleAg

Launched in February 2017, PinnacleAg is a 100 per cent New Zealand owned company operating in the live export business across the North and South Islands.

Providing end to end supply chain management, PinnacleAg are experts in the procurement of cattle, grazing and quarantine, shipping and live export logistic processes, herd health, and fulfilment of foreign buyer requirements.

Our committed network of PinnacleAg staff provide our clients with the very best service when it comes to international livestock supply and domestic grazing. The health and well-being of our clients’ stock is of the utmost importance. Whether that is to reduce stress, increase weight gain or improve fertility; the ultimate goal is to improve the quality of meat, milk or wool produced.


Meet the team

Stuart Chapman


Stu has been involved in the NZ agricultural sector for more than 36 years having built and managed Elders NZ (Elders) for over 21 years, working directly with 120 Livestock agents nationwide and successfully launched Elders Live Export internationally.

Having a strong interest in the live export business, Stu has forged relationships globally and holds a mandate on delivering top quality stock and ensuring animal health and safety. He was integral in developing and growing Elders Primary Wool – a co-operative venture between Elders and Primary Wool Co-operative. As Managing Director and Chairman his mandate was to nurture a co-operative model that would recognise farmers and contribute to their livelihood. 

Working with Elders, Stu conceptualised and implemented the Just Shorn commercial wool brand in North America.  He has strong diplomatic skills, a natural affinity for cultivating relationships and persuading, convening, facilitating, and building consensus.  His roles with NZ Yarn added depth to my farm to consumer supply chain experience. 

Stu has worked with the New Zealand government providing agri-based consultation to key ministries and businesses.

Throughout his business lifetime, he has applied strategic thinking, innovation, integrity, credibility and competitive thinking to maintain and improve corporate governance.  A team player, Stu has enjoyed working with a range of people across all sectors of business. 

Stu is a businessman, farmer, a proud New Zealander, dedicated to making a positive impact and difference to his country’s deep, rich agricultural heritage and cultural mix. 

Des van der Wal


With over 30 years’ experience in the New Zealand agri-industry, Des began his career with Wrightson NMA and Wrightson Farmers Finance.

Starting in the livestock export industry in 1990 as Commercial Manager under Challenge Livestock, Des oversaw the live export of sheep to the Middle East. He then moved into dairy cattle exports to Mexico, South America, Vietnam, Philippines and then China.

As Wrightson’s Export Operations Manager, Des was instrumental in the establishment of a pre-export isolation facility on Lochinver Station. Over 1700 hectares were leased to support the export of more than 40,000 head of dairy cattle to Mexico and China

In 2010 Des joined Australian owned Elders International as Manager Live Exports - based in New Zealand he reported through to Australia. During this time he built key relationships in China with buyers and officials and successfully delivered over 60,000 head into the China dairy industry.

Des has a comprehensive understanding across the live export supply chain from cattle selection, processing and testing, quarantine, shipping logistics and current government legislation.  At PinnacleAg, Des ensures all cattle selected for export meet quality expectations, is there when cattle are loaded for shipment and will meet the shipment in the country of origin. 

With a passion for agri-based businesses, Des is based in New Zealand’s North Island, He is a Director at PinnacleAg and has a strong agri-network across the North and South Islands.

Andy Carlson


Born and bred into New Zealand agriculture, Andy has spent his working life across a broad spectrum of farming cattle.  Growing up on a dairy farm in Hawera, North Island, Andy has taken his early knowledge and used it across a wide range of the farming industry from dairy farming, freezer works, sharemilking to leasing a farm and working with Elders New Zealand. Andy was voted Taranaki’s sharemilker of the year.

Starting with Elders in the farm supplies business as a regional business manager and then North Island Farm Supplies Manger, Andy moved into farm consulting – working with farmers to achieve the best possible results with a focus on animal grazing.  He initiated nutrition into the farm supplies business and established the managed heifer grazing business.

At PinnacleAg, Andy’s focus is within the supply chain management of cattle – selecting and moving cattle into quarantine. He works with farmers on export purpose breeding and provides consultation on cattle grazing both pre and post export.