PinnacleAg Live Exports are leaders in delivering the highest quality New Zealand livestock around the world.


PinnacleAg’s live export business is based on well-established trade relationships spanning across each part of the supply chain – from the farm, regulatory authorities and offshore buyers.

These relationships ensure there is transparency and accountability for animal welfare throughout the entire live export process.




Superior Livestock and Genetics

PinnacleAg can offer access to genetics to provide purpose bred cattle for export. The livestock business assists with the selection of prime cattle for export, and works across New Zealand's North and South Islands to procure the highest quality stock.



Guaranteed healthy stock

PinnacleAg will manage the quarantine of all stock and will meet the stock upon arrival at destination points globally. 


Air & Sea Transport

PinnacleAg guarantees the delivery of quality stock whilst keeping animal heath a priority. PinnacleAg can export cattle by sea or by air depending on client requirements.



Certified to Export

PinnacleAg holds its own export licence and as per New Zealand government regulations, is certified by the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) and exports cattle for breeding purposes only. Cattle exported from New Zealand cannot be for supplied for slaughter.






Additional Information

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