Experts in Grazing


Pinnacle Grazing has years of experience in dairy heifer management and achieving targeted weight gains, ensuring young stock get the best start to their productive life. 

Our staff personally advise, monitor and manage herd grazing to ensure your stock arrive home in top condition.


Pinnacle Grazing will assist with feeding levels to ensure targeted weight gain.

  • All livestock are weighed monthly.
  • Monitored and recorded daily gain. 
  • Documented weight gain since commencement of grazing contract.


  • Drenched monthly with all drench supplied. 
  • Zinc supplied.
  • In the event the livestock get dry and run out of feed, we assist with cropping, PKE or other supplements.


  • Billed monthly on weight gain achieved over the previous month.
  • Monthly maintenance fee.
  • All targets are doubled plus 10 per cent without a maximum weight ceiling. 

PinnacleAg also offers weaner grazing and winter grazing contracts.

Contact Andy Carlson directly on 0274529697 for all grazing requirements.